Bruce Nauman: Mindfuck

Bruce Nauman: Mindfuck
Library Shelf Location 18.NAUM
Publication Date 2013
Description Bruce Nauman (born 1941) emerged in the late 1960s Los Angeles art scene, as part of a generation of artists who dramatically expanded the possibilities of sculpture and performance. His emergence also coincided with the ascent of gestalt psychology, behaviorism and philosophers following in the wake of Wittgenstein’s philosophies of language. Nauman’s work is thus deeply literate and steeped in the history of psychology--particularly Freud’s work on puns and slips of the tongue, in The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, work that Nauman has explored in numerous language pieces using oxymorons, puns and Spoonerisms. Bruce Nauman: Mindfuck is the first publication to look at this celebrated artist’s work in performance, drawing, video, printmaking and neon installation, in the light of its relationship to psychology.
ISBN 9783952363027
Quantity 1
Pages 120
Author Philip Larratt-Smith
Format Hardback
Publisher Hauser & Wirth, London
Related Artist Bruce Nauman
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Artist's Nationality American (USA)
Language English

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