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Archive Shelf Location BALTICM2019
Library Shelf Location ABC-BxNU
Publication Date 13 Jun 2019

∞ was produced by Northumbria University postgraduate students based in the BxNU Institute, BALTIC 39, following a series of writing workshops held with Akerman Daly in response to Heather Phillipson’s BALTIC exhibition, The Age of Love (2018)
Hannah Barker
Samuel Barry
Jade Blood
Aloe Corry
Laura Harrington
Siân Hutchings
Ciara Ní Léanacháin
Samantha Lourens
Miria Miria
David Reynolds
∞ was managed and delivered by Matthew Hearn
Thanks to:
Jeremy Ackerman
Eileen Daly
Videozine edited and produced by Sarah Bouttell

Track list:
1 Samuel Barry, Part 1
2 Aloe Corry, Idiom 1: I only have eyes
3 Siân Hutchings, Pronounced with a soft ‘g’    – The Rabbit
4 Samantha Lourens, The disconnection between the space I temporarily occupy
5 Aloe Corry, Idiom 2: talk to my hand
6 Ciara Ní Léanacháin, Sceith Róin
7 Jade Blood, Bag
8 Aloe Corry, Idiom 3: a mouth to feed
9 Samantha Lourens, Towards the Sun
10 Samuel Barry, Part 2
11 Aloe Corry, Idiom 4: an eye for an eye
12 Siân Hutchings, Pronounced with a soft ‘g’ – The Chalk
13 Miria Miria, Moths
14 Aloe Corry, Idiom 5: make a clean breast
15 Hannah Barker, A Thought to Contain
16 Samuel Barry, Part 3
17 Aloe Corry, Idiom 6: the heart in the right place
18 Siân Hutchings, Pronounced with a soft ‘g’ – The Body
19 Ciara Ní Léanacháin, Ag Eitilt Abhaile
20 Aloe Corry, Idiom 7: you lost your heart
21 Laura Harrington, With the Field
22 Aloe Corry, Idiom 8: turn your hand
23 Jade Blood, Let me in
24 Samuel Barry, Part 4
25 Aloe Corry, Idiom 9: don’t lay a finger
26 Siân Hutchings, Pronounced with a soft ‘g’ – The Water
27 Aloe Corry, They listened with waterlogged ears
28 Samuel Barry, Part 5
29 Samantha Lourens, Temporary Home
31 Aloe Corry – Idiom 10: the eyes in the back

Each artist produced a unique sleeve for the physical DVD version of ∞, these are located in BALTIC Library's Artists' Books Collection and available to view by appointment, contact

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Related Artists Hannah Barker, Samuel Barry, Jade Blood, Aloe Corry, Laura Harrington, Siân Hutchings, Ciara Ní Léanacháin, Samantha Lourens, Miria Miria, David Reynolds
Keyword BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art
Related Event Heather Phillipson: The Age of Love (19 October 2018 – 24 March 2019)
Related Curator/Producer Matthew Hearn

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