BxNU Respond: Listening

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Publication Date 11 Dec 2014

BxNU Respond: Listening
Thursday 11 December, BALTIC's Project Space at BALTIC 39.

Be My Master Choir: A Response, A Chorus & Phil Larry: HOW COME IT

BxNU Respond is an ongoing dialogue between current Northumbria University post-graduate students and PhD researchers and the exhibitions by artists and curators in BALTIC’s project space, BALTIC 39. For BxNU Respond: Listening, two proposals were selected and further developed with curator Sam Belinfante to produce an evening of performances in response to Listening, the Hayward Touring exhibition at BALTIC 39.

Be My Master choir / A Response, A Chorus
(Joanna Hutton), Ricky James, Fiona Larkin, Lily Mellor, (Harriet Plewis), and Nicola Singh, with instruction from composer James Weeks.

This event is for anyone who has experienced the mesmeric effect of the song on repeat; the need for the fix of the crescendo on a loop. An incantatory group is formed from all of the artists who took the trouble to submit a proposal to BxNU Respond. A chorus comes together, to sing out individual lines from the proposals. A celebration of the optimism implicit in proposal making is recounted in the ensemble. From the proposals a soundsong is made, where the loop is king and a democratic erasure of the unique voice occurs through accretion.

Phil Larry / HOW COME IT
HOW COME IT brings together artist and Northumbria University MFA student Phil Larry, with rockabilly trio, The Doggone Daddys for a one-off live event. Phil Larry interrogates the structure and format of both exhibition and gig, culminating in a standoff between artist as performer and art in situ – spontaneity and the premeditated. American roots music, particularly rock and roll, is celebrated as playing an imperative part in the birth of the rebellious teenager during the 1950’s. Critics coined the term rockabilly – literally, meaning rock and roll played by hillbillies – to describe the intense, rhythm driven musical style. Who better to play us out than a band of misfits hailing from the mountains of Middlesbrough?

Listening is the latest Hayward Touring Curatorial Open exhibition. Curated by artist Sam Belinfante the exhibition investigates the act of listening in contemporary visual art. This international group exhibition includes new and existing work by significant contemporary artists including Ed Atkins, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Christian Marclay, Haroon Mirza, Amalia Pica, Laure Prouvost and Anri Sala. The exhibition examines the crossover between the visual and the sonic with many of the artists selected working in both the fields of contemporary music and art.

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Related Artists Fiona Larkin, Philip Larry
Month December 2014
Keywords BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art, Northumbria University
Related Event Listening: Hayward Curatorial Open, curated by Sam Belinfante (26 September 2014 - 11 January 2015)
Related Gallery BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
Related Curator/Producer Sam Belinfante

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