BxNU Symposium: In Need of Education: Part 4 - Liverpool Biennial Education and Schools

Publication Date 13 Nov 2018

BxNU Symposium: In Need of Education
2 & 3 November 2018

In the UK (as elsewhere), mainstream education at primary, secondary and higher level is in financial and political crisis. In particular, the arts and other forms of cultural education are being divested in favour of the ‘hard’ subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths. The right to free, comprehensive education, a key aspiration of post-war welfare state endowment in the UK - is a diminishing mainstream political demand. This symposium asks, given such a context, what can and should education provision by museums and art galleries do and be?

Over two days at BALTIC we bring together education experts, artists, curators and thinkers who have profound experience of working within the fields of education, curating and pedagogy in gallery contexts; and who have differing views of the ways in which arts institutions can and should be used to support and extend education at a local and international level.

Andrea Phillips (BALTIC Professor & Director of the BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art)

Part 4: Liverpool Biennial Education and Schools

Sara Bryson (Tyne & Wear Citizens organiser, Citizens UK)
Today household income is the single biggest predictor of educational attainment and the impact of poverty on a child’s education is critical. There is also a proven link between poverty and subject choice, leading to a decline in arts, linked to associated costs. Education isn’t free, and it costs more to study the arts! Free museums aren’t free in fact. How do we make real progress? Currently there is a lack of joint working and organising for social justice in the arts and education.

Sally Tallant (Artistic Director, Liverpool Biennial)
Liverpool is one of the first areas of the country to develop a ‘Local Cultural Education Partnership’ (LCEP) in response to the Arts Council England’s Cultural Education Challenge. The Arts Council launched the Cultural Education Challenge in a bid to make sure that more children and young people can:
• create, compose, and perform;
• visit, experience and participate in extraordinary work;
• know more, understand more, and review the experiences they’ve had.
Liverpool is one of over 50 areas across the country that the Arts Council has identified as having the greatest need for this partnership. With the support of Curious Minds, the Arts Council’s Bridge Organisation for the North West that helps connect children and young people to art and culture, the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership is now up and running, with the Liverpool Learning Partnership and other partners taking the lead.

Speakers Andrea Phillips, Sara Bryson, Sally Tallant
Formats MPEG 4, Symposium
Month November 2018
Keywords BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art, Critically Engaged, Education, Poverty, Social justice
Related Event BxNU Symposium: In Need of Education (2 & 3 November 2018)
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