BxNU Symposium: In Need of Education: Part 6 - #TakeOnTomorrow

Publication Date 13 Nov 2018

BxNU Symposium: In Need of Education
2 & 3 November 2018

In the UK (as elsewhere), mainstream education at primary, secondary and higher level is in financial and political crisis. In particular, the arts and other forms of cultural education are being divested in favour of the ‘hard’ subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths. The right to free, comprehensive education, a key aspiration of post-war welfare state endowment in the UK - is a diminishing mainstream political demand. This symposium asks, given such a context, what can and should education provision by museums and art galleries do and be?

Over two days at BALTIC we bring together education experts, artists, curators and thinkers who have profound experience of working within the fields of education, curating and pedagogy in gallery contexts; and who have differing views of the ways in which arts institutions can and should be used to support and extend education at a local and international level.

Andrea Phillips (BALTIC Professor & Director of the BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art)

Part 6: #TakeOnTomorrow: Life and work in, against and beyond the neoliberal university

Screening and panel discussion co-convened by James Bell (artist, writer and PhD researcher, Northumbria University) and Gayle Meikle (curator and PhD researcher Northumbria University) with contributions by Fiona Anderson (Lecturer in Art History at Newcastle University), Giles Bailey (artist and Lecturer in Fine Art at Newcastle University), Jacky Collins (Senior Lecturer in the Division of Languages at Northumbria University and one of three UCU Reps for the Department of Arts), Sophie Crocker (artist and third year undergraduate student, Fine Art, Northumbria University), Joy Labinjo (artist, London) and Laura Yuile (artist, London and PhD researcher, Northumbria University). With screenings of Stuart Marshall and Neil Bartlett’s Pedagogue (1988) and Laura Yuile’s Inject with Life (2018),

This panel will consider the ways higher education (HE) produce knowledge and culture. The neoliberal agenda in HE is one that financializes knowledge, and run through an ethos of competition, measurement and monetisation. The precarious bodies that operate within this space are [future] knowledge workers, encouraged to become an endlessly adaptable commodified subject; educating themselves in accordance to economic intentions rather than cultural or critical imperatives. What can we learn from acts of resistance in art and education practice in, against and beyond the university?

Speakers Andrea Phillips, James Bell, Gayle Meikle, Fiona Anderson, Giles Bailey, Sophie Crocker, Joy Labinjo, Laura Yuile
Formats MPEG 4, Symposium
Month November 2018
Keywords BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art, Critically Engaged, Education
Related Event BxNU Symposium: In Need of Education (2 & 3 November 2018)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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