BxNU Symposium: Jason Rhoades / Deviant Paths: 04 - David Campbell and Mark Durden: Exhibition Walkthrough

Publication Date 21 Apr 2015

BxNU Symposium: Jason Rhoades / Deviant Paths
Tuesday 21 April 2015 / 13.00-17.30
BALTIC, Gateshead

This BxNU Symposium brings together artists, curators, academics and writers, to activate an enquiry into the interlocking possibilities of meaning presented by the exhibition, Jason Rhoades, Four Roads.

During his lifetime Rhoades’ installations were rarely understood as finished or finite. Constantly in flux, works were divided up into constituent parts, materials reused and presented anew. Today the work continues to exist within a constant process of recontextualisation and is imbued with parallel narratives as illustrated by the four interpretive themes, or roads, proposed in this display. To examine this multi-layered system of interpretation, the symposium will offer a range of deviant pathways through screenings, presentations, workshop and discussion. In a response to the artist’s absent presence, the question shifts from, “What would Jason do?” to, “What has Jason done?”

Exhibition Walkthrough: David Campbell and Mark Durden / The Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret Thereof

Members of the collaborative art group Common Culture, Professor David Campbell (Northumbria University), and Professor Mark Durden (University of South Wales), will lead a responsive walk through of the exhibition in light of their interest in art’s relationship to contemporary cultures of consumption, choosing to focus on the thematic of commodity excess and recycling systems in Rhoades’ work.

Speakers David Campbell, Mark Durden
Format MPEG 4
Related Artist Jason Rhoades
Month April 2015
Keywords BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art, Critically Engaged
Related Events Jason Rhoades, Four Roads (6 March – 31 May 2015), BxNU Symposium: Jason Rhoades / Deviant Paths (21 April 2015)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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