Cabinet - Issue 01 - Invented Languages - Winter 2000

Cabinet - Issue 01 - Invented Languages - Winter 2000
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Description Contents Leftovers Gregory Whitehead The clean room David Serlin Colors Jonathan Ames Ingestion Allen S. Weiss Is chance possible? An interview with Robert Kaplan by Sina Najafi Not just for silver foxes Louisa Kamps Bingo in Swedish is bingo Mats Bigert 21 aphorisms John Roberts Marilyn Monroe and I ‑Jesse Lerner Marilyn Monroe y yo Fernando Sampietro Trickster eye Frances Richard Stalk photography Gregory Williams Whitescapes David Batchelor The city Justine Kurland The encryption wars An interview with Eben Moglen by Jay Worthington The love-bug Luke Murphy Anachronistic modernism Tan Lin 1485.0 kHz Carl Michael von Hausswolff My mother, my medium Jon Dryden Speaking Martian Daniel Rosenberg The alien argot of the avant-garde Christian Bök abs TruCt heh GarBagt Special CD insert Himalayan journal Xu Bing Öyvind Fahlström’s aviary A.S. Bessa Esperanto An interview with Sabira Ståhlberg by Nina Katchadourian Inadvertent memory Laura Kurgan NATO as architectural critic Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss Belgrade architecture and the war 2 Vladimir Kulic On war and anxiety Renata Salecl Postcard project Luke Murphy Flies David Scher‑ Face David Scher
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