Cabinet - Issue 07 - Summer 2002

Cabinet - Issue 07 - Summer 2002
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Description Issue 7 is 128 pages with a thematic section on Failure. Art projects by Amy Jean Porter, Nedko Solakov, Magnus Bärtås, a free stock in Peter Santino's "Failure Institute" and a poster by Matthew Buckingham. Columns * The Clean Room / The New Face of Terrorism David Serlin * Leftovers / How to Use Scotch Tape Paul Lukas * Colors / Safety Orange Tim Griffin * Ingestion / How to Cook a Phoenix Allen S. Weiss Main * Ernst Haeckel and the Microbial Baroque David Brody * Field Traces Bill Jones * Mm, Mm, Good: Marketing and Regression in Aesthetic Taste David Hawkes * Beautiful Indonesia (In Miniature) David Womack * Paint and Paint Names Daniel Harris * Things Fall Apart: An Interview with George Scherer Jeffrey Kastner and George Scherer * The Six Grandfathers, Paha Sapa, in the Year 502,002 C.E. Matthew Buckingham * Interpretations of the National Park Service Sharon Hayes * Soothe Operator: Muzak and Modern Sound Art Susette Min * Birds of North America Sing Hip-Hop and Sometimes Pause for Reflection Amy Jean Porter * Hungry for God Gregory Whitehead * Not Your Name, Mine Paul Schmelzer Failure * The Bible from Memory Emma Kay * Black Box Tom Vanderbilt * Crash Covers Jeffrey Kastner * "Shades of Tarzan!": Ford on the Amazon Elizabeth Esch * Hashima: The Ghost Island Brian Burke-Gaffney * The Floating Island Paul Collins * Old Rags, Some Grand Scott A. Sandage * The War of the Flea Marvin Doyle * The Short, Sad Life of Danny the Dragon Dirk Libeer * Better Luck Next Time Gregory Williams * The Disappointed and the Offended Magnus Bärtås * The Invention of Failure: An Interview with Scott A. Sandage Sina Najafi, David Serlin and Scott A. Sandage * Travelfest Is Closed Michael Smith and Nathan Heiges * Special CD Insert / Syntax Error * In Case of Moon Disaster William Safire * Romantic Landscapes with Missing Parts Nedko Solakov * The Life of Ernst Moiré Lytle Shaw * Concert Nancy Davenport * A/C * Orphan Nina Katchadourian And * Unlimited Edition / 1976 Montreal Olympics Participation Medal Kris Lee * Stock in Failure Institute Peter Santino
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