Cabinet - Issue 35

Cabinet - Issue 35
Library Shelf Location AP
Publication Date Dec 2009
Description CONTENTS: Columns * Ingestion / Pulling a Rabbit out of a Cat Rebecca L. Spang The July Monarchy and the politics of culinary substitution * Inventory / When in (Renaissance) Rome... Arielle Saiber A piece of advice * Colors / Verdigris Jeff Dolven Vegetable and metal * Leftovers / Leibniz's Syrup of Ipecac Justin E. H. Smith The temptations and limits of psychobiography Main * Remix Redux Emily Thompson In the silent film era, the roots of the DJ * All Monsters Must Die Magnus Bärtås and Fredrik Ekman Gojira's children go to North Korea * Artist Project / Fallen Books Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Davidson * Reading to the Endgame D. Graham Burnett and W. J. Walter A novel approach to computer chess * Pirates of the Deep Daniel Heller-Roazen How the submarine changed the rules of war * Cabinetlandia: Update No. 4 Rebar Rebuilding the Cabinet National Library Dust * A Dry Black Veil Brian Dillon The hovering horror of the plague-cloud * Swept Away Susanna Whatman Excerpts from an eighteenth-century housekeeping book * The Dusty, the Sticky, and the Greasy Adam Jasper Christian Enzensberger's filthy masterpiece * Pulverulence Steven Connor The power of powder * Bacon Dust Christopher Turner Sifting through the remnants of 7 Reece Mews * Kiss of Life Raiford Guins How to resuscitate old Nintendo games * Silent Witness: An Interview with Jean Duprat Brian Dillon and Jean Duprat Interplanetary dust and the birth of the solar system * Something in the Air Colby Chamberlain Anthony McCall's white cube problem * Jacket Required Alexandra Cardia Judging a book by its dust cover * Stardust Memories Dorion Sagan Exploring the emotional universe * The Magic Lake Valerie Smith Drawing lines in the sand And * Postcard / Hoover "Model O," 1908 The first production electric vacuum cleaner * Bookmark / A Dust Menagerie Allen S. Weiss
ISSN 15311430
Quantity 1
Pages 112
Format Magazine
Month December 2009
Language English
Publication Cabinet

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