Cabinet - Issue 37

Cabinet - Issue 37
Library Shelf Location AP
Publication Date Mar 2009
Description Issue 36 Friendship Winter 2009/10 Table of Contents Columns * Ingestion / The Word Made Flesh Eigil Zu Tage-Ravn The ecstasy of the scroll eaters * Colors / Black Paul La Farge To see or not to see * Inventory / Cigninota Christopher Turner The mark of the swan * Leftovers / Where Do Teeth Go? Helen Denise Polson Out of the mouths of babes Main * The Art of Movement Christopher Turner The kinetographic charms of Rudolf von Laban * A Difficult Pancake: An Interview with Hinke Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf Margaret Wertheim, Bernd Krauskopf and Hinke Osinga Making sense of the Lorenz Manifold * The Tale of the Color Georg Simmel Little Grülp’s search for a home * Judging a Book by Its Cover Geoffrey Batchen Tracing the form of Barthes’s Camera Lucida * Technomasochism Lev Bratishenko Getting spanked by INTERCAL * Artist Project / The Dreamer, or, the Adventures of a Luftmensch Zoe Beloff * Bachelors, Snakes, and Squiggles Aaron Schuster The brief history of a famous literary doodle * Death and Sudden Death (After Dr. Brouardel) Steve Reinke Surprise endings * Artist Project / Rhapsody in Death Lena Herzog * Postscript Cabinet crushed by USPS; saved by poetry * Filing Form 3526 (Four Drafts for the Brooklyn P.O.) Domestic Mail Manual, with Jeff Dolven A bureaucratic aufhebung Friendship * In Defense of Friendlessness Beth Blum Hatred alone is immortal * Artist Project / Guille and Belinda Alessandra Sanguinetti * Other Self: An Interview with Angie Hobbs Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi and Angie Hobbs The philosophies of friendship * The Friend in the Mirror Mats Bigert The phantom limbs of relationships past * Artist Project / Group Resonance Matti Kallioinen * Scenography of Friendship Svetlana Boym Hannah Arendt, Mary McCarthy, and anchovy paste * Speak Not, Memory Sina Najafi A friend indeed? * Revolution in Mind Albert Mobilio The remains of that day * Letter to an Unremembered Companion Christine Wertheim The shape of your face, the cut of your hair * Artist Project / My K.A.P. Friends Sabrina Gschwandtner * (Face)book of the Dead Mark Dery Friendship in the age of social networking * On the Misrecognition of Friends D. Graham Burnett The mytho-poetic birth of performance art * Trust Me, I’ve Never Done This Before Richard Fleming Throat, razor, friend * Project for the Separation of Friends Shelley Jackson An editorial operation * A Link to Bind Where Circumstances Part Gabriel Coxhead Hands across the sea And * Postcard / Brooklyn v. Beşiktaş Brooklyn reaches out to its sister city * Bookmark / A Lender Be
ISSN 15311430
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Month March 2010
Language English
Publication Cabinet

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