Cabinet - Issue 39

Cabinet - Issue 39
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Publication Date Nov 2010
Description Columns * Colors / Amber Mark Bradley Old magic * Inventory / A Taxonomy of Bruises Dominic Pettman Flesh and blood * Leftovers / Rock, Paper, Scissors Sebastian Cichocki What the Stasi left behind * Legend / Man Hugs Doll Wayne Koestenbaum Heidegger, Adorno, Pee-Wee Herman & Co. Main * God’s Number Margaret Wertheim Solving the mathematical puzzle of the Rubik’s Cube * Lighter than Air: An Interview with Carol Mavor Brian Dillon and Carol Mavor The ambiguity of the Edwardian boy * Artist Project / Wrong Place, Wrong Time Diana Cooper * The Raw and the Cooked: An Interview with Cătălin Avramescu Justin E. H. Smith and Cătălin Avramescu Cannibalism and the moral order of society * The Weather over Germany Declan Clarke Heinrich Böll’s literature of ruins * The Disintegration of an Ideal George Prochnik Morton Prince, Sigmund Freud, and the extraordinary case of “Christine Beauchamp” * Artist Project / Bountiful Tanya Marcuse Learning * Learning Degree Zero D. Graham Burnett How a sea slug revolutionized cognitive science * Free-for-All Christopher Turner A. S. Neill and Summerhill * Artist Project / Ambidextrous Performance Lars Siltberg * Learning at Your Fingertips David Serlin The Museum Extension Project and the pedagogy of the tactile * Spirit Duplication Yara Flores Licking wisdom from the purple page * Translation, Memory, and Mastery Daniel Dewispelare The Andrometer of Sir William Jones * What Is There to Be Learned from Kitsch? Brigid Doherty Walter Benjamin and the “furnished man” * Thrasonical Huffe Snuffe Jeff Dolven Learning to love a rhythm you can’t hear * O Seminar! Emily Apter Witz and Blitz in the classroom And * Postcard / School of Undressing * Bookmark / Cabinet’s Personal Andrometer, Based on the (Terrifying) Schedule of Achievement Outlined by Sir William Jones
ISSN 15311430
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Month November 2010
Language English
Publication Cabinet

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