Cabinet - Issue 45

Cabinet - Issue 45
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Publication Date 2012
Description Columns * Colors / Madder Lake Lytle Shaw Fierce blood to pale wash * Legend / Siegfried’s Underwear Wayne Koestenbaum Preposterously white * Ingestion / Glutton on the Stand Fleur MacDonald The road to hell is paved with pot-au-feu * Inventory / Elevator Button Ginny Maki Let the chips fall where they say Main * Heavy Breeding Michael Wang The Heck “Aurochs” and the quest for biological unity * Dada on Trial Colby Chamberlain The Barrès affair and the end of a movement * L’Affaire Barrès André Breton and Tristan Tzara The first English translation, by Alex Stein * The Architecture of Psychoanalysis Volker M. Welter The consulting rooms of Ernst Freud * Holy Rollers Celeste Olalquiaga The floral paroxysms of paper reliquaries * Friendship and Philosophy: An Interview with Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben and Leland de la Durantaye A shared sensation Games * Reimagining Recreation James Trainor The lost world of New York City adventure playgrounds * The Games Game Theorists Play D. Graham Burnett The unstable alliances of So Long, Sucker * Walter Conrad Arensberg’s Anagramania William H. Sherman Wordplay, madness, and modernity * In the Palm of Your Hand Barbara Levine and Jessica Helfand A brief history of dexterity games * War & Peace Games Joshua Glenn H. G. Wells’s battle against kriegspiel * Class Struggle, Inc.: An Interview with Bertell Ollman Bertell Ollman and Sina Najafi The rise and fall of a Marxist board game * Locus Communis Jeff Dolven Games that make poems * It’s in the Cards Geeta Dayal Following Oblique Strategies * Irish Wake Amusements: An Introduction Joanne Laws Funeral parlor games * Irish Wake Amusements Seán Ó Súilleabháin Rowdies round the coffin And * Postcard / Beaten at our own game * Bookmark / The Philosopher’s Reaction Game
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