Cabinet - Issue 46

Cabinet - Issue 46
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Publication Date 2012
Description Columns * Colors / Blond Leland de la Durantaye When the brightness began * Ingestion / What Is Fusarium? Adam Jasper A fungus among us * Inventory / The Tokens Christopher Turner Orphaned at the Foundling Hospital * Legend / In Hades There Is No Statute of Limitations Wayne Koestenbaum The importance of being Ernest Main * Cybernetic Revolutionaries Eden Medina Technology and politics in Allende's Chile * Talking at the Movies Kevin McMahon Managing the voice across the history of cinematic sound * Law and Odor Ned Beauman Scent as a chemical weapon * The Tattoo Solution George Prochnik A zag, a zig, a beast, a grid, a swirl, a sword, a word, a Lord * D.I.Y. Eye in the Sky Andrew Toland Masters of all we surveil Punishment * Just Deserts: An Interview with Danielle S. Allen Justin E. H. Smith and Danielle S. Allen Punishment, citizenship, and the construction of authority * Artist Project / Zona Carl de Keyzer * Practicing Restraint Will Wiles The madness of the straitjacket * Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order: An Interview with Bernard E. Harcourt Eric Anthamatten and Bernard E. Harcourt "Free" markets and the carceral state * Disciplinary Loaf The Wardens of Cabinet Cruel and unusual nourishment * Regarding the Pain of Others? Dusty Keelson-Maar Snuff spectacle in the age of the scaffold * Who Better to Punish than the Innocent? Justin E. H. Smith Capital punishment and human sacrifice * Artist Projects / Penal Codes Ellen Harvey, Lin + Lam, Francesco Simeti, and Javier Téllez * Hell Is a Funhouse Mirror D. Graham Burnett Dante's Inferno and Dante's Inferno * Celltexts Ines Weizman and Eyal Weizman Books behind bars * The Corrections: A Three-Generation Roundtable on Punishment in the Home Jeffrey Kastner The look, the voice, the threat And * Postcard / Proxy Cipher Vietnam Frank Heath * Bookmark / Hot Ticket
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