Cabinet - Issue 57

Cabinet - Issue 57
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Publication Date 2015


  • Inventory / Good Boy
    George Pendle
    Honoring animal bravery
  • Leftovers / Surplus Meaning
    George Scheer and Stephanie Sherman
    Grandma Gray and the postwar American economy
  • Ingestion / Fishing for Vitamin A
    Sasha Archibald
    The shark liver oil craze of the 1940s
  • Colors / Black
    Hayden Williams
    Tragedy or farce?


  • Water Foul
    Stassa Edwards
    London’s Great Stink of 1858
  • The Meaningful Disappearance of Germaine Greer
    Carmen Winant
    The contributions and contradictions of a feminist icon
  • Timber!
    Adam Morris
    The flume ride as a legacy of West Coast logging
  • The Fax Numbers of the Beast, and Other Mathematical Sports: An Interview with Neil Sloane
    Margaret Wertheim and Neil Sloane
    The online encyclopedia of integer sequences
  • The Holy Fire and the Lonely Saint
    Matthew Spellberg
    Helplessness and inner life
  • Red Star Theater
    William Firebrace
    Architecture, technology, and the Soviet dream of the cosmos



  • Postcard / Louis Agassiz Overturned
  • Bookmark / Fiddling While Earth Burns
  • Kiosk / Spring 2015
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Issue Cabinet - Issue 57
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