Cabinet - Issue 61

Cabinet - Issue 61
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Publication Date 2017


  • Ingestion / The Hunger Artists
    Oliver Preston
    Starved for attention
  • Leftovers / Vapor Trails
    D. Graham Burnett
    Clouds and conspiracies
  • Inventory / The Savoy Files
    Christopher Turner
    How the famous hotel indexed its guests
  • Sentences / Fair Hopes of Ending All
    Brian Dillon
    The morbid extravagance of John Donne


  • F-Hole
    Justine Kurland
    Selling vans, smashing guitars
  • Of Primitives and Primaries
    Nicholas Gaskill
    Putting color in the classroom
  • Between the Mine and the Stream
    Justin E. H. Smith
    Herbert Hoover's presidential philosophy
  • Uncomputables
    Agnieszka Kurant
    Harnessing the unpredictable power of emergence
  • Packing My Library, or, the Melancholy of Departure
    Allen S. Weiss
    The meditations of a bibliophile


  • Labor Days
    Tony Wood
    Reinventing the workweek in the Soviet Union
  • Anarchist Calendrics
    Byron Ellsworth Hamann
    The chronological agitations of Moses Harman
  • Shuffling through the Year
    Adam Jasper
    Finding the calendar in the cards
  • The Lens of Time
    Adam Herring
    Temporality and experience in Inca Cuzco


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Issue Cabinet - Issue 61
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