Cabinet - Issue 63

Cabinet - Issue 63
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Publication Date 2017

Issue 63 The Desert Spring 2017

Table of Contents

  • Ingestion / What’s for Dinner?
    Leonard Barkan
    Painting the head of the table
  • Colors / Sienna
    Tif Sigfrids
    From the cave to the museum
  • Sentences / A Ritual Feat
    Brian Dillon
    Eclipsing description
  • Inventory / By Any Other Name
    The unchosen
  • Reambiguation
    D. Graham Burnett
    What is a greeble?
  • Artist Project / Pleshka-Birobidzhan
    Yevgeniy Fiks
  • The Fire of Literature
    Cecilia Sjöholm
    Sovereignty and the burning of the Book
  • Schloss Murnau, Hollywoodland, CA 90068
    Volker M. Welter
    Tracing Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau in Southern California
The Desert
  • The Desert Is a State of Mind Cast over the Earth
    Michael Marder
    The indifference of abstraction
  • Titanic in the Desert
    Emilio Distretti
    Between the Libyan Sahara and the Naqab
  • Orphan Utopia
    Reed McConnell
    John Ballou Newbrough's desert colony
  • Artist Project / Details on the Rare Earth Frontier
    Elizabeth Knafo
  • Grave Matters
    Maria Golia
    Tomb theft in ancient Egypt
  • Artist Project / Particulate Paper Records of Time
    Chris Domenick
  • Bookmark / Marking the Desert
  • Postcard / For Mrabet
    David Scher
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Related Artists Yevgeniy Fiks, Elizabeth Knafo, Chris Domenick
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