CAFE in Mito

CAFE in Mito
Library Shelf Location 13.JPMI
Publication Date 2004
Description As its name implies, Communicable Action for Everybody (CAFE) refers to actions that allow everyone to communicate. It can be pronounced the same way as the word "cafe," which of course refers to a place or relaxation where people can talk together with a cup of coffee in hand, spending the time as they please. The CAFE in Mito Exhibition is accordingly a project that aims to create a place of exchange, like a cafe, where people can get together and intimate in a relaxed fashion through the medium of art. The artworks displayed in this exhibition will not merely be hung in the gallery for viewing, but will also be installed throughout the city of Mito, affording more people with the chance to experience art.
Quantity 1
Format Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Categories Conceptual Art, Galleries/Museums/Private Collections, Installation, Painting, Sculpture
Keywords Interactive, Questions
Related Gallery Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Languages Japanese, English

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