Callum Innes: Edges

Callum Innes: Edges
Library Shelf Location ABC-INNE
Publication Date 2016

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A previously unpublished work by Scottish painter Callum Innes, ‘Edges’ is presented as a small book with a text by Colm Tóibín. Each of the abstract works has a boundary, where a softly rendered field of colour ceases to exist and empty whiteness begins. The eye is therefore unerringly drawn to this demarcation, raising questions about what lies beyond, the unseen continuity in either direction. In his short piece, Tóibín writes, “Nothing is stable, no colour under this light is stable; the shadows grow darker and the things on the earth merge with each other, just as what all of us did merges into one action, and all our cries and gestures merge into one cry, one gesture.

ISBN 9788494282034
Quantity 1
Pages 84
Format Paperback
Publisher Ivory Press
Related Artist Callum Innes
Category Artists' Books

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