Camerawork, No. 8 (1977) – No. 32 (1985)

Camerawork, No. 8 (1977) – No. 32 (1985)
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Publication Date 1977

BALTIC's collection of Camerawork magazine contains...

No.8 Special Issue
LEWISHAM: What are you taking pictures for?

No.10 July 1978
John Berger, Jean Mohr, Billy Jay Letter, Danny Lyon Interviewed, D.I.Y. Exhibitions

No.11 September 1978
Mass Observation, Humphrey Spender, Nigel Henderson, The Metropolitan Police Card, Inspection Processing

No.12 January 1979

No.13 March 1979
Photography in the Community

No.14 August 1979
Reporting on Northern Ireland

No.16 November 1979
Manchester Studies Archive, Nicaragua in the News, Japanese Photgraphy reviewed, Camera Obscura, Camerawork 8 and the Political Photographer

No.17 January/February 1980
The Fashion Spread, Blair Peach-No Cover Up, Matchgirls' Strike-Labour History Museum, Pictures from Windscale, Postcards, Photography and the Law

Camerawork Gallery Special Issue

No.18 Undated
Still Images on Television, Squatting in the News, Porn, Law, Politics, Marketing the Medium, The Fight to Work-The Steel Strike, Photography in Opposition

No.20 December 1980
Zimbabwe-Managing History, Immigrant Women, Cover Women, Political Photomontage: Heartfield to Staeck, Portraits-Ways of Taking

No.22 Undated
Women and Documentary Photography in Northern Ireland, Resisting Narita Airport, Policing Photography, Reporting the New Cross March, After Brixton, A Women's Archive, Teaching and Using Photography, El Salvador, Cameras as Convivial Tools

No.23 December 1981
Reporting Back on Ireland

No.24 March 1982
Photography and Graphic Design, Towards a Feminist Erotica, Bangladesh, People's March for Jobs, Montage

No.25 November 1982
Fragmentation, Sexuality and Images, Homo Erotica, Black Culture, German Montage

No.26 April 1983
Models of Vision, New Technologies

No.29 Winter 83/84
Images of the Left, McClaren on Cable, Photomontage, Stuart Hall, Video

No.30 Spring 1984
Black Culture, Pictures of Women, Beyond

No.31 Spring 1985
Food: images and politics

No.32 Summer 1985
Science and Technology, Scientific Frameworks, Technology at Work, Post Modernism, Women Behind the Lens

Quantity 20
Format Magazines
Category Photography
Keywords Social issues, Politics
Language English
Publication Camerawork

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