Candice Breitz : Re-Animations

Candice Breitz : Re-Animations
Library Shelf Location 18.BREI
Publication Date 2003
Description In her latest installation Becoming (2003), Candice Breitz slips into the roles of 7 popular Hollywood actresses (Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Meg Ryan, Neve Campbell, Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore). Having cut-and-paste short sequences of these actresses out of various films (in the process isolating the actresses by eliminating the actors who appeared opposite them), Breitz re-enacts their performances as precisely as possible. Instead of mercilessly parodying the sequences that she copycats, Breitz mimics them earnestly and with feeling. The original soundtrack of each movie is preserved in the new footage, so that each new film starring Breitz might be described as a kind of body-karaoke.
ISBN 1901352188
Quantity 1
Pages 44
Editors Miria Swain, Suzanne Cotter
Author Jennifer Allen
Format Folded Card
Publisher Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Related Artist Candice Breitz
Categories Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Film and Artists' Moving Image
Keywords Celebrity, Popular culture, Actors
Related Gallery Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Related Curators/Producers Andrew Nairne, Suzanne Cotter
Artist's Nationality South African
Language English

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