Cantos Cuentos Colombianos

Cantos Cuentos Colombianos
Library Shelf Location 15.COHE
Publication Date 2013
Description Cantos Cuentos Colombian is the book of the most comprehensive exhibition of contemporary art ever held in Brazil Colombian. Ten artists show their work, through images and experiences that stand out in the international arena. The book includes an extensive collection of images of the works, as well as interviews conducted by curator Hans-Michael Herzog with the artists. The title refers both to the songs that are part of the work of Colombian artists José Alejandro Restrepo, Juan Manuel Echavarria and Oswaldo Macia, as the narrative style and multifaceted developed by artists represented in this book. Artists: Doris Salcedo, Fernando Arias, José Alejandro Restrepo, Juan Manuel Echavarría, María Fernanda Cardoso, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Nadín Ospina, Oscar Muñoz, Oswaldo Macià, Rosemberg Sandoval.
ISBN 9788560965342
Quantity 1
Pages 412
Editor Hans-Michael Herzog
Format Hardback
Publisher Daros-Latinamerica
Related Artists Fernando Arias, Oswaldo Macia, Doris Salcedo, Nadin Ospina, Jose Alejandro Restrepo, Miguel Angel Rojas, Juan Manuel Echavarria, Rosemberg Sandoval, Oscar Munoz, Maria Fernanda Cardoso
Category Art from a specific country
Related Country/Global Region Colombia
Artist's Nationality Colombian
Language English

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