Care of Collections

Care of Collections
Library Shelf Location 13a.KNEL
Publication Date 2002
Description This volume brings together many important articles and extracts examining aspects of collections management and care, in particular preventative conservation. The papers cover a wide range of issues including: conservation practice; the monitoring and control of light; relative humidity and atmospheric pollution; packing, handling and transportation of collections; storage and access to collections; biological infestation; and disaster planning. This collection provides a practical guide to all aspects of collections care and providing essential information for students of museums studies and collection managers.
ISBN 0415112850
Quantity 1
Pages 282
Editor Simon Knell
Authors Johnathan Ashley-Smith, Gerry Hedley, Michael Daley, Peter Mann, Peter Cannon-Brookes, Susan Bradley, Suzanne Keene, Getty Conservation Institute, Emil Bosshard, Nathan Stolow, Richard Hall, H L Lein, C Pearson, M S Upton, John E Hunter, Barclay G Jones, Martyn J Linnie, Valerie Blyth, Lynda Hillyer, R M Entwistle, J Pearson, Eric B Rowlison, Carrie Rebora, Paul C. Thistle, Nancy Demyttenaere, Jill Serota-Braden, Jeanette A. Richoux, Abigail Terrones, Susan K Weinberg, John D. Hilberry, U Vincent Wilcox, Paul N Banks, Norbert S Baer, Ann Brooke Craddock, Peter Wilson, Sarah Staniforth, Michael Williams, David Ford, Graham Martin
Format Paperback
Publisher Routledge
Categories Galleries/Museums/Private Collections, Museum/Gallery Studies
Keyword Conservation
Language English
Issue Leicester Reader in Museum Studies

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