Charles Tamko Sirato: Dimensionist Manifesto

Charles Tamko Sirato: Dimensionist Manifesto
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Publication Date 2010
Description The Dimensionist Manifesto Charles Sirato, Paris, 1936 Dimensionism is one of the living and leading examples of the Kunstwollen of our age. Its unconscious origins reach back to Cubism and Futurism. Nearly every cultured nation of civilization has been working on its development since that time. It is the essence and theory of this great, universal and synoptic artistic movement which is made conscious in our manifesto. It is, on the one hand, the modern spirit's completely new conception of space and time (the development of which, in geometry, mathematics and physics -- from Bólyai through Einstein -- is ongoing in our days), and on the other, the technical givens of our age, that have called Dimensionism to life. Evolution, the instinct that breaks through all barriers, has sent the pioneers of creative art on their way towards completely new realms, leaving older forms and exhausted essences as prey for less demanding artists! We must accept the fact that space and time are not separate categories -- absolutes in opposition to one another -- as was earlier believed and taken for granted, but rather that they are related dimensions in the sense of the non-Euclidean conception. By intuiting this fact, or by making it our own through conscious means, all the old borders and barriers of the arts suddenly disappear. This new ideology has elicited a veritable earthquake, a landslide, in the old artistic system. We designate the totality of relevant artistic phenomena by the term "Dimensionism." (The formula "N + 1" expresses the Dimensionist development of the arts. It was through Planism, the theory of two-dimensional literature, that we noted its relevance to the arts. We generalized its application in order that we might attribute -- in the most natural way possible -- the seemingly chaotic, unsystematic and inexplicable artistic phenomena of our age to one single common law .)
ISBN 9789637596704
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Pages 198
Author Charles Tamko Sirato
Format Paperback with booklet containing English translation
Publisher ArtPool
Category Art Styles and Movements
Languages Hungarian, English

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