Charlotte Cory: You Animal You!

Charlotte Cory: You Animal You!
Library Shelf Location 18.CORY
Publication Date 2012
Description You Animal, You! is an in-depth look at the world of the artist Charlotte Cory, featuring essays placing Charlotte Cory’s art in context. Highly illustrated, great fun and at the same time oddly serious. Charlotte Cory’s photographic collages, skillfully reworking Victorian photographic visiting cards, resemble intriguing short stories, which invite viewers to speculate on the events behind the picture. By creating highly subversive images of human bodies with animal heads, she creates a vision of the nineteenth century, an exciting post-Darwinian alternative universe in which animals are clearly in charge. At first you laugh, but then you find yourself thinking…. Collecting Cartes-de-visite was a craze in Victorian times, called “cartomania”. It was the Facebook of its time. Millions were produced and are now mostly worthless. Cory combines these poignant images with portraits taken of stuffed animals from museums and her own collection. By recycling these dispossessed images and long-dead creatures, she gives them all a new lease of life. Brighter, more colourful, more interesting and more disturbing than before. Featured essays include an introduction to the world of the Visitorians by distinguished author and historian AN Wilson. The curator of the Royal Photograph Collection, Sophie Gordon, discusses Cory’s reinterpretation of Victorian photographic ideas and innovations for our age. You Animal, You! is an in-depth look at the world of this unusual artist that will delight her fans and interest newcomers to her work in equal measure.
ISBN 978190731759
Quantity 1
Pages 160
Authors Sophie Gordon, A N Wilson
Format Hardback
Publisher Black Dog Publishing, London
Related Artist Charlotte Cory
Categories Photography, Collage
Keyword Animals
Language English

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