Chiho Aoshima: Archive Research File

Chiho Aoshima: Archive Research File
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A pack containing all reviews and articles about the Chiho Aoshima exhibition at BALTIC. 5 in total, all brief, no major articles. A longer (2 page) article entitled 'Chiho Aoshima, MR. and Aya Takano', Contemporary Magazine, January 2007, review from exhibition at Museé d'art Contemporaine, Lyon. Floor plan of BALTIC exhibition, showing temporary wall and screens at rear of Ground Floor Art Space NOTE: The contents of this file are in original printed formats and not available digitally.


Other articles in this file: 'Keith Haring/Chiho Aoshima - Gateshead' in The Guardian Guide 21-27 Oct 2006 'Chiho Aoshima - Art Review' by Amy Rudd in Metro, 20 Nov 2006, (4 stars) 'Chiho Aoshima' in Asian Art , January 2007, p18 Chiho Aoshima' by Els Fiersin Focus Knack, 3 January 2007, p88 (in German) 'Chiho Aoshima, MR. and Any Takano' by Eve Sullivan in Contemporary January 07, p56,57

Quantity 1
Format Press Cuttings
Related Artist Chiho Aoshima
Months October 2006, November 2006
Related Event Chiho Aoshima (21 October 2006 - 28 January 2007)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Language English

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