COBRA in Context: Conference: Session 1 (03) Dr Willemjin Stokvis

Archive Shelf Location 6A4 (1)
Publication Date 01 Mar 2003

Conference: Cobra in Context. To coincide with the exhibition Cobra: Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, BALTIC is organising an international conference to examine current issues and debates surrounding the COBRA movement of artists and poets and to explore the significance of these artists' work within the context of contemporary practice. Keynote speakers include: Graham Birtwistle, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Colin Rhodes, Peter Shield and Dr. Willemjin Stokvis. Chair: Roger Malbert.

Quantity 1
Formats MP3, Audio
Related Artists Asger Jorn, Constant, Karel Appel, Pierre Alechinsky
Month March 2003
Categories Art Styles and Movements, Painting, Sculpture
Keywords Artists' collectives, CoBrA, Post-war
Related Event Cobra: Copenhagen Brussels Amsterdam, 1948-51 exhibition (1 March - 21 April 2003)
Related Galleries BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Hayward Gallery, London
Artist's Nationality Danish, Dutch, Belgian
Issue COBRA in Context - Conference - Session 1: Audio Recording

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