Collage Makers

Collage Makers
Library Shelf Location 22a.AMEL
Publication Date 2015

Collage comes from the French term 'coller', which means to glue or paste. But collage art is much more than cutting and pasting.This book explores the creations of different artists who work with collage in a very personal way, each with very distinct techniques: some use photography, some use paint, and others even work with objects. All of these are techniques that have resulted in multiple styles and artistic languages which help give collage its unique place in the artistic world.

ISBN 9788415829799
Quantity 1
Pages 192p; 17.8 x 1.9 x 22.9 cm
Author Carolina Amell
Format Hardback
Publisher Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Category Collage/Mixed Media
Languages English, Spanish

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