Collage Sculptures / Collagierte Skulpturen

Collage Sculptures / Collagierte Skulpturen
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Publication Date 2015

Generally speaking, 'collage' and 'sculpture' are usually considered opposite terms, with the flat collage contrasting the three-dimensional sculpture. Yet, this contrast has gradually dissolved since the advent of Classic Modernism, as many different combinations of these two media have developed. Collagierte Skulpturen (Collage Sculptures) at KAI 10 focuses on three characteristic, independent artists. It features sculptural works from the past ten years by Isa Genzken (b.1948), Rachel Harrison (b.1966), and Manfred Pernice (b.1963), with the selection concentrated specifically on objects that have been collaged by these artists. The indeterminacy of the show's title, Collage Sculptures, corresponds to the fact that the works on display cannot be ascribed to either collage or sculpture per se. There is an odd tension between the identifiable and vague meanings of the constructs, some of which seem to have an air of the improvised or temporary. At the same time many of the works contain materials whose functions are easy to define, such as particle board, artificial flowers, or small figurines, which are clearly legible. However, because these objects appear in unusual contexts, their combinations and meanings cannot be decoded offhand. Although the positions of Genzken, Harrison, and Pernice are different, they all share a tendency toward subtle humor, hidden irony, and a critical analysis of the surging world of consumerism, with its sense of supremacy and apparent lack of alternatives.

ISBN 9783735600349
Quantity 1
Pages 70 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Authors Cora Waschke, Zdenek Felix
Format Hardback
Publisher Kerber Verlag
Related Artists Isa Genzken, Rachel Harrison, Manfred Pernice
Categories Sculpture, Collage
Languages German, English

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