Comic Art Propaganda: A Graphic History

Comic Art Propaganda: A Graphic History
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Publication Date 2010
Description As one of the most simple, effective and powerful forms of communication, it comes as no surprise that comic art has been misappropriated by governments, self-interest groups, do-gooders and sinister organisations to spread their messages. World War Two comic book propaganda with Superman, Batman, and Captain America bashing up cartoon enemies was so ubiquitous that there was barely a US comic untainted by the war effort. And theres no shortage of examples from the other side of the globe. This book examines every kind of propaganda, and how positive or pernicious messages have been conveyed in the pages of comic books over the last 100 years. Subject areas include racism and xenophobia, antidrugs comics, pro-drugs comics and religious comics. Plus, there is a look at social programming; how gender roles were re-enforced in comic book stereotyping, and how comics broke free to produce a whole slew of gay superheroes, no matter how ham-fistedly written. This book is a fascinating global, visual history of some of the most contentious, outrageous, unbelievably unusual and politically charged comics ever published. Written by renowned comics historian and author, Fredrik Strömberg.
ISBN 9781905814701
Quantity 1
Pages 175 p. : col. ill. ; 25 cm.
Author Fredrik Strömberg
Format Hardback
Publisher Ilex
Category Animation/Cartoons/Comics/Graphic Novels
Language English

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