Common Space: The City as Commons

Common Space: The City as Commons
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Publication Date Feb 2016

Exploring the interconnections between processes of spatial transformation and political subjectivation.

Space is both a product and a prerequisite of social relations. It has the potential to block and to encourage certain forms of encounter.

In Common Space, architect Stavros Stavrides calls for us to conceive of space-as-commons: to think beyond the notions of public and private space and then to understand common space not only as space that

is governed by all and remains open to all, but that explicitly expresses, encourages and exemplifies new forms of social relations and of life in common.

Through a fascinating, global examination of social housing, self-built urban housing and settlements, street trade and art, graffiti, occupied space, and liberated space, Stavrides carefully shows how spaces for commoning are created. Moreover, he explores the connections between processes of spatial transformation and the formation of politicised subjects to reveal the hidden emancipatory potential of contemporary, metropolitan life.


Stavros Stavrides is an architect, activist and associate professor at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, where he teaches courses on social housing design, and the meaning and significations of metropolitan experience.

ISBN 9781783603275
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Pages 218 pages
Author Stavros Stavrides
Format Softcover
Publisher Zed Books, London
Category Planning and the Urban Environment
Keywords City Planning, Public space, private space, City living
Language English

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