Concrete Ideas: Material to shape a city

Concrete Ideas: Material to shape a city
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Publication Date 2012
Description Concrete Ideas: Material to Shape a City' explores the ways in which new technologies are changing concrete and the ways in which it is used. Presented in an elegantly boxed package, with tipped-in images and varying types of paper, "Concrete Ideas" is as tactile as the material whose reputation it seeks to restore. Through a series of montages, drawings and photographs, it visually speculates on concretes capacity as an urban catalyst, its potential for defining cities and the many ways in which it is being applied in urban renewal. With thoughtful, informed contributions from experts such as Mark West, George Baird, Will Bruder and Charles Waldheim, among others, and specially taken photographs of concrete buildings around the world (although Toronto features heavily as an exemplar of a successful concrete city), this book is key reading for all architecture students and practitioners, and offers a seductive argument for the reconsideration and reclamation of this age-old building material.
ISBN 9780500342817
Quantity 1
Pages 245 pages : colour illustrations ; 26 cm.
Editor Pina Petricone
Format Hardcover (boxed)
Publisher Thames and Hudson Ltd, London
Category Architecture (category)
Keyword Cities
Language English
Material Concrete

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