Connecting Lines: Artists Talk About Drawing

Connecting Lines: Artists Talk About Drawing
Publication Date 2010
Description Whilst the recordings in this collection concentrate in depth on each individual's working practice, it is important that they are life stories, rooting the speakers in the society which formed them rather than isolating them solely within the art world. The first recordings were made in 1990 in time to include Eileen Agar, who was born in the nineteenth century, and the on-going project has grown steadily ever since to embrace artists born in different decades and circumstances and whose experience has been widely differing. The majority attended art school and many returned to teach, enabling the project to capture a wealth of material about the shifts in emphasis in British art education as well as unrivalled accounts of individual careers. Recent additions to Artists' Lives include curators, dealers and critics whose life stories have helped to build a more complete picture of the art world and its interwoven relationships.
Quantity 1
Pages 40
Editor Cathy Courtney
Formats Booklet, Audio CD
Publisher National Life Stories: The British Library
Related Artists Jack Smith, Michael Craig-Martin, Paula Rego, Charles Saumarez Smith, Peter Blake, Deanna Petherbridge, Eileen Agar, Michael Rothenstein, Eric Snell, Harold Cohen, Basil Beattie, Elisabeth Frink, Frank Bowling, Maggi Hambling, Sandra Blow, Peter de Francia, Norman Ackroyd, Marc Vaux, John Ward, Richard Hunter, Sheila Girling, Ian Tyson, Andrew McIntosh Patrick, Anita Taylor, Stephen Farthing
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