Contemporary Art and Anthropology

Contemporary Art and Anthropology
Library Shelf Location 05.SCHN
Publication Date 01 Nov 2005
Description "Contemporary Art and Anthropology" takes a new and exciting approach to representational practices within contemporary art and anthropology. Traditionally, the anthropology of art has tended to focus on the interpretation of tribal artifacts, but has not considered the impact such art could have on its own ways of making and presenting work. The potential for the contemporary art scene to suggest innovative representational practices has been similarly ignored. This book challenges the reluctance that exists within anthropology to pursue alternative strategies of research, creation and exhibition, and argues that contemporary artists and anthropologists have much to learn from each others' practices. The contributors to this pioneering book consider the work of artists such as Susan Hiller, Francesco Clemente and Rimer Cardillo, and in exploring topics such as the possibility of shared representational values, aesthetics and modernity, and tattooing, they suggest productive new directions for practices in both fields.
ISBN 1845201035
Quantity 1
Pages 320
Editors Arnd Schneider, Christopher Wright
Format Paperback
Publisher Berg
Category Theory
Keywords Anthropology, Aesthetics
Language English

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