Contemporary Art Conversations: Week 3: Taboo

Publication Date 01 Apr 2015

Context, Challenge and Taboo
Wednesdays 18 March, 25 March & 1 April 2015

No previous experience or knowledge is necessary, but open mindedness and a spirit of curiosity are essential. These conversations, facilitated by artist, curator and educator, Professor Helen Baker, are an opportunity to explore the current exhibitions. Each conversation will begin with a short introduction to set the context for the discussion and are aimed at those who find contemporary art intriguing, baffling or confusing.

Please note that it is only Helen Baker's introduction to each session that has been recorded. The conversations were undocumented to encourage free comment and participation.

You can download the keynote presentation that accompanied the introduction here.

Speaker Helen Baker
Format MP3
Month April 2015
Keyword BALTIC Learning
Related Event Contemporary Art Conversations: Context, Challenge and Taboo (18 March, 25 March & 1 April 2015)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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