Contemporary Art Photography in Saudi Arabia, Mirror Of An Identity

Contemporary Art Photography in Saudi Arabia, Mirror Of An Identity
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Publication Date 01 Jan 2016

The aim of this study is to understand how contemporary art photography in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents the complex national identity using symbolism as well as direct references to cultural and religious elements and artefacts. In order to do so, a combination of qualitative analysis and semiotic is used to describe and interpret the coded message implemented in the photographs of the selected artists. With the help of the author's personal experience in the Saudi Kingdom between 2008 and 2012, and his personal relations with some artists there, he will demonstrate how the complex, and sometimes troubled, identity of Saudi Arabians is reflected throughout these works. Based on this method, the research asserts that the troubles faced by Saudi citizens regarding self-identity, national identity and the relation to the external world in building identity are complex and a widely recurring theme in contemporary art photography.

ISBN 9783659873768
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Pages 72 p. / 8.66x5.91 inches
Author Guillaume Vincent
Format Softcover
Publisher LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Category Art from a specific Geographical/Political Region
Keywords Middle East, photography, National identity, Symbolism

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