Contemporary - Issue 69

Contemporary - Issue 69
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Abstract PROFILE: WILLIAM POPE. L Lauri Firstenberg on the work of William Pope. L INTERVIEW BRUCE MAU AND DAVID BYRNE On the eve of the publication of Massive Change contemporary asked the designer and artist/musician to interview each other. We present an edited version of their extended electronic conversation, which took place over a number of weeks FEATURE: LEARNING FROM FAILURE Achim Borchardt-Hume on the value of engaging with the historic failures of Italian Art under fascism EMBEDDED Sacha Craddock on politics in art ARCHITECTURE CRIMSON TIDE Sam Jacob talks to Wouter Vantisphout of Crimson about assassination, the death of Dutch architecture and the megalomaniac ambition of urban planning TRIVIA DRINKING AND FORGETTING Sally O’Reilly looks at the economy of drinking games BOOKS NO FUTURE: SEX, SEDITIONARIES AND THE SEX PISTOLS Anthony Downey SOPHIE CALLE: EXQUISITE PAIN Kathy Battista WOW WOW DIARY 2005 Susan Bright PREVIEWS Louise Bourgeois, Funky Lessons, Phyllida Barlow, Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, Tina Barney Christopher McCormack REVIEWS 1. William kentridge: 9 drawings for projection - Nicholas Paul 2. São paulo bienal - Maeve Connolly 3. 18 SOLO EXHIBITIONS - Eugene Tan 4. LIVERPOOL BIENNIAL : international festival of contemporary art - Helen Wewiora 5. THE VARIABLE CITY - Jessica Kraft 6. THOMAS HIRSCHHORN: 24H foucault - James Pinson 7. ROSEMARIE TROCKEL: a major retrospective - Celia Jameson 8. Jørn Utzon: The Architect’s Universe - Dan Wilkinson 9. Gregor Schneider - Simon Duff 10. daniel joseph martinez: the house america built - Melissa Gronlund 11. KEITH PIPER: crusade - Jeffrey Hughes 12. Liebeslied/my suicides - Amy Sackville 13. george condo – religious paintings - Christopher McCormack 14. Ellen gallagher - Colin Perry 15. ROYAL SLAB - Celia Jameson 16. double check – re-framing space in photography: the other space, parallel histories - Mojca Puncer 17. wolfgang staehle - Sherman Sam 18. friedrich christian flick collection - Aoife O’Brien 19. BEYOND GEOMETRY: EXPERIMENTS IN FORM, 1940s – 1970s - Noel Daniel 20. ori gersht: blaze - Catherine Morland 21. CLARA PARK, POSITIONS OF CONTEMPORARY PAINTING FROM LEIPZIG - Matthew Biro
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Issue Contemporary - Issue 69
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