Copy Paste: The Badass Architectural Copy Guide

Copy Paste: The Badass Architectural Copy Guide
Library Shelf Location 10.MAAS
Publication Date 2017

New! A new face! A new style! Worldwide, there is talk of a cult of novelty. This is also true in architecture, where architects compete against each other in terms of innovation and originality. The Why Factory does things differently, and in Copy Paste, it explores the possibilities of copying in architecture.

What are the really original ideas in architecture? Isn’t it better to ask what someone adds to the existing repertoire and then to evaluate that? In science, it is common to define originality in that respect. This type of attitude seems to be a taboo in architecture. So now the time has come to stop this obsessive pursuit of unique authorship. The Why Factory brings together diverse viewpoints on the dilemma of copying in architecture, along with the ethical and legal obligations. This book contains a versatile guide to copying, and explores the potential by means of a broad set of scenarios with the help of various tools.

ISBN 9789462081642
Quantity 1
Pages 424pp, 15 x 21 cm
Editors Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo
Format Paperback
Publisher nai010 publishers
Category Architecture (category)
Language English

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