Corpus Delecti

Corpus Delecti
Library Shelf Location 29.FUSC
Publication Date Dec 2000
Description Corpus Delecti is an unprecedented event in the history of Latino performance art. Assembled and edited by one of the foremost practitioners and theorists in the field, it charts the extraordinary range of practices, narratives and theories which make up this unique area of contemporary performance. Using photos, scripts, essays and poetry, Corpus Delecti explores the impact on perfo rmance of Latin American politics, popular culture and syncretic religions. Nowhere else has such a vibrant and rich collection of writings and documents been fused into a comprehensive archive-volume. Fusco has brought together artists and scholars to bridge the theory/practice divide and to discuss a wide range of genres. They include: body art carpa vaudeville staged political protest tropicalist musical comedies the Chicano Art movement queer Latino performance Corpus Delecti probes for the first time the specific contexts which have shaped Latino American performance. It is at once a significant intervention into the history and analysis of contemporary art and an ensemble piece of textual visual work to treasure. This study explores the phenomenon of the libidinal attraction of the public figure of the actress Eva Peron - the extremely famous wife of Argentine president Juan Peron (1945-52) - and the following of her seduced audiences, under the light of current theories of gender construction and performance.
ISBN 0415194547
Quantity 1
Pages 307
Editor Coco Fusco
Format Paperback
Publisher Routledge
Category Live Art/Performance
Keywords Gender issues, Body Art
Related Country/Global Region Latin America
Language English

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