Corridor8 #2 Contemporary Visual Art & Writing: Annual 2011: The Borderlands Edition

Corridor8 #2 Contemporary Visual Art & Writing: Annual 2011: The Borderlands Edition
Library Shelf Location 17.CORR
Publication Date 2011
Description Corridor8 is a contemporary annual international visual arts and writing journal based in the North of England. Corridor8 publishes and reviews, visionary or socially innovative artwork and writing. With a remit to publish annually, Corridor8 takes the long view with in-depth investigation of its chosen subject matter. Every issue of Corridor8 is a unique event. Corridor8 Issue 1 turns a spotlight onto the North and identifies the truly global reach of the practitioners and their ideas whilst simultaneously highlighting the sheer diversity and conceptual vigor of their output. #2, the ‘Borderlands’ edition, Strange Weather, extends our northern focus to the far-flung reaches of the UK from the midlands to the borders and beyond, and will feature the same mix of in-depth critical writing, profiles, art and literary writing we established in Issue 1.. Included this issue are features on the field recordings of sound recordist and ex-Cabaret Voltaire member Chris Watson (with free CD), Iain Sinclair’s rare audio-recorded journey from the heart of Manchester, new fiction from the Manchester University Creative Writing Centre’s Ian McGuire, interviews with the art collectors of the Norths of England and Ireland, as well as the science fiction work of artists Ivan and Heather Morrison, the pioneering 1960’s art and writing publication New Worlds and others. International curator Axel Lapp will this time assemble ‘Flash Artists’ pages we began in Issue One. Corridor8 is the journal of choice for those seeking an invigorating, detailed and innovative journey through contemporary art and writing.
ISBN 9780955267239
Quantity 1
Editor Roger McKinley
Format Paperback
Publisher Corridor8
Related Artists Neville Gabie, Shona Illingworth, Heather and Ivan Morison, Chris Watson, Iain Sinclair
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Related City/Region North of England
Language English

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