Corridors: Passages of Modernity

Corridors: Passages of Modernity
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Publication Date 2019

We spend our lives moving through passages, hallways, corridors, and gangways, yet these channeling spaces do not feature in architectural histories, monographs, or guidebooks. They are overlooked, undervalued, and unregarded, seen as unlovely parts of a building's infrastructure rather than architecture. This book is the first definitive history of the corridor, from its origins in country houses and utopian communities in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, through reformist Victorian prisons, hospitals, and asylums, to the "corridors of power," bureaucratic labyrinths, and housing estates of the twentieth century. Taking in a wide range of sources, from architectural history to fiction, film, and TV, Corridors explores how the corridor went from a utopian ideal to a place of unease: the archetypal stuff of nightmares.

ISBN 9781789140538
Quantity 1
Pages 240 Pages, 171mm x 25mm x 222mm
Author Roger Luckhurst
Format Hardback
Publisher Reaktion Books Ltd, London
Category Architecture (category)
Keywords Architectural design, Architecture, Architecture (subject)
Language English

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