Crawly Creatures: Little Animals in Art and Science

Crawly Creatures: Little Animals in Art and Science
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Publication Date 17 Jan 2023

Small teeming animals such as insects, spiders, lizards and toads; these crawly creatures have historically endured a bad reputation. In the Middle Ages they were mainly associated with death and the devil. But in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries their beauty began to be appreciated. Crawly creatures were now the centre of attention: they appeared in works of art, served as the subject of scholarly treatises and became popular collectors’ items.

Artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Wenzel Jamnitzer, Jan van Kessel I and Maria Sibylla Merian observed these critters in painstaking detail and succeeded in depicting them beautifully. Scientists like Robert Hooke and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek were equally mesmerized. The little animals were collected, studied, placed under the microscope and rendered in illustrations. To this day, these creatures feature in the work of visual artists, who present alternative ways of interacting with insects and the natural world.

This richly illustrated publication explores the fascinating relationship between art and science and the way the perceptions of insects and other crawly creatures have evolved over the centuries: from abhorrance to amazement.

ISBN 9789462087569
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Pages 200
Authors Hans Mulder, Jan de Hond, Eric Jorink
Format Paperback
Publisher nai010 publishers
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Insects, Natural World, Art and Science
Related Gallery Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Language English

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