Creative Biotechnology : a user's manual

Creative Biotechnology : a user's manual
Library Shelf Location 17.CREA
Publication Date 2004
Description CREATIVE BIOTECHNOLOGY: A USER'S MANUAL - Natalie Jeremijenk & Eugene Thacker Biotechnology promises to impact upon virtually every aspect of our lives, and yet the methods, techniques, and practices of biotech often remain closed off from the public, making it hard to understand exactly what it is and how it will impact our broader understanding of biology, politics, and culture. Biotech Hobbyism seeks to counteract this sense of alienation and fuel this curiosity through promoting an understanding of the means, what’s and where for’s of biotech. Having worked with Locus+ to develop a series of prototype kits, the Biotech Hobbyist kits have been transformed into a publication in the form of a 'users manual'. In keeping with the open ethos of Biotech Hobbyist, these manuals will also exist in the format of an e-book that can be freely accessed via the Web Includes commissioned texts by Denna Jones & Heath Bunting.
ISBN 1899377220
Quantity 1
Pages 90
Authors Eugene Thacker, Heath Bunting, Denna Jones, Natalie Jeremijenko
Format Card Cover
Publisher Locus+
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keyword Science
Language English

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