Creative Camera: October 1969 – October 1989 [incomplete]

Creative Camera: October 1969 – October 1989 [incomplete]
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Publication Date 1987

A collection of Creative Camera magazines from October 1969– October 1989.


Dec 1969, May 1970, Aug 1970, Oct-Dec 1970, Jan-FEb 1971, April 1971, June 1971, Aug 1971, Jan-Feb 1972, Sept-Oct 1972, March 1973, Sept 1973, Feb 1974, Apr-Jun 1974, Sept-Dec 1974, Apr 1975, July 1975, Sept 1975, Feb-May 1976, Oct 1976, Dec 1976. The years 1977-1980 are entirely missing

1981 only have August issue

1982 only have January issue

1983 only have Sept-Dec issues

List of artists is only a small selection of all those appearing in these magazines.

Creative Camera (also known as "CC") was a monthly magazine on fine art photography and documentary photography. The successor to the very different (hobbyist) magazine Camera Owner (which had started in 1964), Creative Camera was published in England between 1968 and 2001.


Quantity 106
Format Magazines
Related Artists Willie Doherty, Werner Hannappel, Nigel Fogg, Fiona Hall, Max Pam, Jacky Redgate, Les Walkling, Graceila Iturbide, Megan Jenkinson, Shirley Baker, Jack Hulme, Tony Ray-Jones, John Sturrock, Rhondda Bosworth, Gina Glover, Richard Kraft, Stephen McCoy, Tom Evans, Thomas Struth, Catherine Wagner, Francois Dolmetsch, Tuija Lindstrom, Mark Warner, Humphrey Spender, Raymond Moore, Diana Block, Harald Falkenhagen, Joan Fontcuberta, Pere Formiguera, Jean Baird, Calum Colvin, Peter Cattrell, Owen Logan, David Williams, Ian Macdonald, Garry Miller, Roger Palmer
Category Photography

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