Creative Review (14/07) July 2014

Creative Review (14/07) July 2014
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Publication Date Jul 2014
Description n the July 2014 issue of CR we look at trends in photography, type, illustration, commercials, music, tech, webdesign, colour and logo design. Plus features on Wolfgang Weingart, Photo España and David Abbott. Diane Smyth of the BJP looks at current trends in photography, including acid-bright still lifes (Melanzana by Maurizio Di Iorio shown) and the young female photographers who are challenging the conventional depiction of women, such as Arvida Bystrom who took our cover image this month. While our own Antonia Wilson asks why California's Salton Sea holds such appeal as a location for photographers. Bill Gardner of Logo Lounge presents his annual Trends Report tracing the popular styles in logo design worldwide. Paul Domenet of Johnny Fearless bemoans the blandness of 'mood reel' ads: "Mood reel ads aren't just anodyne, they are plain lazy. Everyone knows the client will buy them because the client knows they can sell them internally. No-one has to do any kind of thinking, least of all the creatives. And, ta da, they work in every country. Just like Coldplay. Or flu." And on the same spread Eliza Wiiliams asks the experts for the latest trends in music for ads, including the Guilty Pleasure and Going Epic. We asked Gareth Hague of Alias to pick out type trends for us. And Rachael Steven asks why IK Blue has gained such traction in graphic design (Beyonderground identity by Ronny & Johny shown). While ex-CR writer Gavin Lucas wades through the squiggly lines and other postmodern references that abound in current illustration trends (Murder by Dan Stafford shown). B-Reel London's Liam Viney talks us through the potential of Oculus Rift and other emerging tech trends, while Rachael Steven asks why so many retailers' websites look so similar.
ISSN 9770262103115
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Format Magazine
Month July 2014
Language English
Publication Creative Review

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