Creative Review (14/08) August 2014

Creative Review (14/08) August 2014
Publication Date Aug 2014

CR August issue: digital futures

Are you sick of all the nostalgic, inky, handmade imagery that has dominated our visual landscape recently? Is it time to embrace the potential of 3D, CG and digital imagemaking and talk about tomorrow rather than yesterday?

In our CGI special issue, designer Carl Burgess makes the case for digital imagemaking. Our nostalgic obsession with the handmade comes from the desire to play it safe, he argues. Digital imagemaking, in contrast, is risky, exciting and allows us to talk about our world today and our hopes for tomorrow.

We look at a range of work that is pushing digital techniques to the limit, including a remarkable film by Warren Du Preez, Nick Thornton Jones and the team at Glassworks. Worship was commissioned by James Lavelle for the Meltdown festival and set to a specially written track by UNKLE.

We interview photographer Giles Revell in whose hands hi-tech processes re-present traditional artistic subjects in unexpected ways. And Ben Koppel, a regular collaborator of Revell's, who, inspired by an ad in CR for Cinema 4D taught himself to become a freelance CG artist

ISSN 9770262103115
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Format Magazine
Month August 2014
Publication Creative Review

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