Creative Review (15/06) June 2015

Creative Review (15/06) June 2015
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Publication Date Jun 2015

Our June issue looks at how the creative industries are engaging with our ageing population – and how working both for and with older people can create a better world for everyone...

While the narrative around our ageing population remains, sadly, rather negative, it's a version being countered by numerous individuals and organisations who see older people as experienced, knowledgeable and valuable members of society.

We look at the work being done to challenge the stigma of ageing by the established Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and the recently-formed Age of No Retirement? events – and hear from two inspirational figures from very different walks of life: architect Frank Gehry and sign-painter Graham Brown, who both stress the importance of working on what you love.

From practical design advice to emotive image-making, we also look at how designers are increasing the range of products and tech available for older people and meet three photographers who have made moving, personal projects about their parents and grandparents.

The language we use to describe older people is key to all of this – not to mention the visual imagery we use to represent them in everything from advertising to magazines.

Format Magazine
Keywords Older people, Ageing, Dementia
Issue Creative Review (15/06) June 2015
Publication Creative Review

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