Creative Review - February/March 2018

Creative Review - February/March 2018
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Publication Date Feb 2018

The Humour issue features Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, Lisa McGee, Naresh Ramchandani, David Kolbusz, Roz Chast, Emily Oberman, Asterix, Stephen Collins, Dominic Wilcox and, yes, the DLR.

Highlights include:

  • How advertising can be the King of Comedy again
  • What stand-up can teach creative people
  • How to write (and pitch) a sitcom idea
  • Why brands turned away from humour
  • How Twitter changed the way we laugh

The issue also features photographers Tyler Mitchell and Prarthna Singh, a look back at 20 years of onedotzero, Jude Kelly, Jamie Hewlett, Marina Willer, Tanya Livesey on trust, John Kampfner on post-Brexit challenges, Claire Bridges on creating a vision board and Daniel Benneworth-Gray on the art of distraction.

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Format Magazine
Months February 2018, March 2018
Language English
Publication Creative Review

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