Creative Review - Vol 24 No. 9 - September 2004

Creative Review - Vol 24 No. 9 - September 2004
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Publication Date Sep 2004
Abstract Art and fashion publication, Visionaire, has a longstanding reputation for elaborate and spectacular production methods. Previous issues have come wrapped in a full-size denim jacket and in a leather Louis Vuitton case. Another famously consisted of a lightbox containing transparencies acting as the magazine's "pages." Celebrating the true olympic spirit The Olympic Games describes its aim as bringing "people together in peace to respect universal moral principles." Never ones to let such puffery pass, Barnbrook Design has released a timely new font, Olympukes. One to watch: Corin Hardy When Corin Hardy was 12 years old, he made a short film on his kitchen table called Chainsaw Morph Meets Yeg. The animated film featured a hand-spun version of the Plasticine TV character Morph, complete with chainsaw, mercilessly hacking away at a miniature companion. That year, Hardy entered Chainsaw Morph into the Co-operative Young Film-Makers Festival where it was duly awarded. Thus encouraged, Hardy's life has revolved around film ever since. In the beginning was the word Penguin's great ideas series presents 20 of the most powerful texts ever written. The challenge for the cover designers was to convey such vigour through typography alone. By mark sinclair In with the new Compared to their American peers, British graphic designers have been slow to engage with new media design, claims Nico Macdonald. Why do you hate me? From innocent beginnings, comic sans has become the world's most reviled font, says Gavin lucas. we set four designers the supreme challenge: create a poster to make comic sans look coo
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Month September 2004
Language English
Issue Creative Review - Vol 24 No. 9 - September 2004
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