CUBA: Tatuare la Storia

CUBA: Tatuare la Storia
Library Shelf Location 15.CUZA
Publication Date 2016

This book, edited by Diego Sileo and Giacomo Zaza, analyses the most important contemporary Cuban artistic practices, providing a means to understand the performative and subversive climate of a country that has survived and resisted for more than five decades between hostility and needs and is now going through big changes. Art has created, and continues to create, an amazing, many-voiced, ironic and critical representation, open and disruptive at the same time.

TATUARE LA STORIA [Tattooing history] means tracing a route that involves questions of race and identity, the heritage of cultural revolutions, evolutions and involutions. A path that bears within it the primary stereotypes and needs, the popular roots and the religious rituals, the blending and bonding in the private and the social, the physical and the mental.

ISBN 9788836634606
Quantity 1
Pages 384
Editor Giacomo Zaza
Format Hardback
Publisher Silvana Editoriale SpA
Category Art from a specific country
Related Country/Global Region Cuba
Languages English, Spanish, Italian

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