Dance Masters: Interviews with Legends of Dance

Dance Masters: Interviews with Legends of Dance
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Publication Date 13 Mar 2001
Description Merce Cunningham draws before he dances. Danny Grossman takes a shot of brandy to overcome his fears. Mark Morris works through music first - the dance comes as an afterthought. Dance Masters presents never-before-published interviews with some of the great names of the dance world, both dancers and choreographers. In these sparkling exchanges with seven leading figures from the world of dance, Janet Lynn Roseman gets to the heart of her subject: how a dancer or choreographer envisions creation and performance, the person's dreams and rituals, fears and disappointments. We learn how these dance masters feel about the effect of audience response, what coaches demand, how it feels to perform, even how one makes a dance. Giving the reader a rare firsthand connection to the creative process, Dance Masters proves that the most transient of arts can be made to speak. Featured subjects: Merce Cunningham, Danny Grossman, Alonzo King, Mark Morris, Michael Smuin, Catherine Turocy, Edward Villella.
ISBN 9780415929523
Quantity 1
Pages 208 pages
Author Janet Lynn Roseman
Format Paperback
Publisher Routledge
Related Artists Merce Cunningham, Edward Villella, Mark Morris, Catherine Turocy, Alonzo King, Danny Grossman, Michael Smuin
Category Dance
Language English

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